A young man, and a young lady, once had a dream that they would build an empire of their own. The mother showroom being old world styled, could never compete with the growing demand of the neighbouring big towns and cities which were upcoming in the mid seventies This person, Sri Prabal Chandra Barh, along with his wife. Mrs Arati Roy Barh, also the parents  of two kids, a boy and a girl, were quite ambitious and focussed. They toiled for days to accumulate enough capital, and also to get a gold license, which was quite difficult to acquire in those days, due to Gold Control Act. Thus, after much planning and hard work, a totally separate jewellery showroom was set up with all modern designs and facilitiies, in the big blooming town of Haldia. This was the year 1976 and it was also the First jewellery showroom in the big booming upcoming city of Haldia.

Slowly, this showroom gathered pace, and it also set an example for other upcoming showrooms.By the time, another showroom was set uo ,in another town,while the former one,was running very successfully, being taken over by Sri Pranab Kumar Barh, the only son of Sri Prabal Chandra Barh. This was around the nineties.

Roma Mitra and Shayan Barh, the present driving force behind modernisation, implementation and upgradation of a traditional business system. The struggle has been tough , as it is a yet to become a swanky city. The head quarters has been planned and transferred to Kolkata. Much effort, hardwork and perseverance resulted in this creation of a beautiful brand.

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